Hi!! I'm Joslyn.  

Do you want to revolutionize the way you feel about your body? Discover how to love your body and yourself unconditionally?  Show  up in the world as the authentic YOU that you want to be?  Powerfully manifest the life you desire?  Or.......do all of this while having a  blast?  Then I've 100%  got you covered!

People I work with call me a miracle worker and catalyst for change, but I'm also a  yogini, witch, tantrika, modern-day mystic, nature and animal lover, and amateur quantum physicist. 

Studying kinesiology at university, mentoring with enlightened masters for eight years (and continuing to do so), and nurturing my connections to Green Tara and other non-physical enlightened beings, I found answers to self love and acceptance, relationship with body, empowerment, and rapid manifestation that rocked my world and opened me up to a whole new level of understanding. 

Now, I'm here to share all of that with you AND show you how to cultivate a relationship with your body filled with love and acceptance, totally own who you are, and create a life that you desire......integrate things like fear, anger, and traumatic experiences and replace them with love, empowerment, health, happiness, and abundance so that you can live the life that you came here to live. 

What People Are Saying!

Joslyn’s work goes very deep. I accessed and let go of memories and emotions I’d forgotten about long ago. I feel lighter and better.  ~Laurel, Hattiesburg, MS, USA

I have received energy work for years, and Joslyn is one of the few people I trust to work with. She has the highest vibration of anyone I know.  ~Sam, Hattiesburg, MS, USA

Body image and loving yourself are so important. Everyone should attend a workshop like this.  ~Alexa, Jackson, MS, USA

After my session, I was able to sign up for a class I wanted to take that will help me transition into my dream career. The class schedule worked with my schedule and I had  the money to pay for it. Everything fell into place.  ~Collette, Chicago, IL, USA

All you've ever wanted to know about relationship with body, self love, and empowerment in articles and videos.

Don't wait for your life to change. Instead, empower yourself to create the life you want! You'll get my best practical tips and practices to experience ginormous amounts of embodied self love, empowerment, passion, and bliss.

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Get my epic FREE relationship with body practice and feel more loved, confident, grounded, and safe in your body in just 20 minutes.

Want to go even deeper?

I'll work with you privately or as part of a group to support you in nurturing an unconditionally loving relationship with your body, reveling in epic self love, empowerment, and bliss, and living the life you're here to live. We'll laugh, cry, have a lot of fun, and uncover the sacred rockstar goddess within. 

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