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Manifestation Magic Tips and Tricks July 22, 2018
July 31, 2018

Manifestation and Energy Healing Wisdom!

This issue is all about our relationships with our parents (and/or guardians or other caregivers; we'll use "parents" to refer to all of them). Our parents were our first human relationships and shaped how we view ourselves and the world. What emotions do you feel when you think about your parents? Do you look forward to holiday gatherings?

Unless we heal our parental relationships (or if we had very awake and aware parents), we wind up living the lives they wanted for us, regardless if that's what we want. Let's heal that relationship so we can move forward with life on our terms!

This relationship is multi-layered and complex, so I simplified it in two articles: How to Create Healthy Relationships with Your Parents and Whose Life Are You Living?

I'd love to work with you privately on these or anything else in the way of you creating what you want in your life. Check out how we can work together: Energy Healing Sessions

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