Letting Go of Grudges

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What Are Grudges?

Grudges are an agenda we’re holding against someone (or a group of people; “person" will indicate both in this article). Sometimes they’re subconscious. They take a lot of our energy, and since we create our reality, in truth we’re holding a grudge against ourselves. They have nothing to do with the person we’re holding the grudge against.

Where Do Grudges Come From?

They often start when we’re in a situation in which we feel powerless. Our perception of the situation is that the other person did something to us and we had no choice or recourse. We feel angry, afraid, out of control, betrayed, or other emotions. Since we couldn’t do anything else, we decided to hold a grudge in an attempt to get our power back, feel better, and protect ourselves from being in that situation or feeling that way again.

If we experienced the situation as adults, it’s energetic roots likely come from childhood or past lives. The situation may have been different, but the energy is the same.

Grudges can also start as learned behavior, perhaps from our parents, relatives, teachers, other caregivers, or community. For example, growing up in a community in which different races or ethnicities historically didn’t get along.

Why Release Grudges

Grudges take a lot of energy for us to maintain! Much of it is subconscious. When we let them go, the anger, fear, powerlessness, need for protection, and seeking approval from parents are no longer simmering beneath the surface and subconsciously controlling our thoughts and actions. We are the only source of power in our lives and we create our lives, so when we hold a grudge against someone else, we’re really holding it against ourselves and holding ourselves back.

How to Release Grudges

1.  Focus on the experience where the grudge started. Meditate on this if you need to.

2.  Really feel the emotions associated with that experience. Let them all come up. You must feel them to heal. Let any limiting beliefs come up as well.

3.  Let go of those emotions and beliefs safely. Journal, draw, paint, sing, exercise….express them get them out of your energy field.

4.  Focus on the experience again. How do you feel? Is there an emotional charge? What does your mind say? When you’ve healed, the situation will be emotionally neutral, like going to the grocery store or showering. If more emotions and beliefs come up, repeat the process. We can work together privately to get to the root of the grudge and detach your mind from it so you can live freely. 

What People Are Saying!

Joslyn’s work goes very deep. I accessed and let go of memories and emotions I’d forgotten about long ago. I feel lighter and better.  ~Laurel, Hattiesburg, MS, USA

I have received energy work for years, and Joslyn is one of the few people I trust to work with. She has the highest vibration of anyone I know.  ~Sam, Hattiesburg, MS, USA

Body image and loving yourself are so important. Everyone should attend a workshop like this.  ~Alexa, Jackson, MS, USA

After my session, I was able to sign up for a class I wanted to take that will help me transition into my dream career. The class schedule worked with my schedule and I had  the money to pay for it. Everything fell into place.  ~Collette, Chicago, IL, USA

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