Private Coaching Sessions

Experience life as a goddess while being loved as your true self.

During private coaching sessions, you get to:

  • Fall in love with your body
  • Feel comfortable, grounded, radiant, and safe in your body and in the world
  • Embrace and love every single part of you
  • Connect deeply to your soul's purpose and intuition
  • Be seen and recognized for the beautiful, magnificent, amazing being that you are
  • Embody your true self in a safe and compassionate environment in which all emotions and thoughts are welcomed

You'll be in a powerful, safe, transformative space to do be vulnerable, do deep, epic healing, and emerge a truer version of yourself. 

Work one-on-one with me to laser focus and dive deep on your rapid transformation

During each session, my focus will be 100% on you. We'll dive deep. We'll uncover and transform subconscious blocks, emotions, and thoughts. And we'll connect you to the wisdom and unconditional love of your soul and your body.

We can work on topics like:

  • Developing a loving relationship with your body
  • Feeling safe in the world
  • Creating epic self love
  • Living the life you came here to live 
  • Connecting to your joy, radiance, beauty, and brilliance
  • Believing in your self worth
  • Or anything else you'd like to work on

We'll use my potent transformation process that intuitively combines guided visualizations, tapping, and breathwork to identify and integrate traumas and embody love and worthiness. 

So if you want to live your authentic life.......

To be your unapologetic radiant self.........

To create what you want in your life........

And to do it quickly in a safe, supportive space.......

Then private sessions are for you!

What you get in these powerful private sessions:

  • 100% of my attention focused on facilitating your epic transformation to the truest version of you 
  • Integration of traumas, emotions, and thoughts
  • Connection of you to your soul wisdom, love, and worthiness
  • A safe and welcoming space where all thoughts and emotions are honored and celebrated and you can be as vulnerable as you wish about personal topics 
  • Healing that extends beyond the 60 minute session - many women experience transformations up to a week before their sessions and for the following week or two afterward
  • Tools that I intuitively create just for you that you can use any time after the session concludes to continue your amazing evolution

That sounds amazing! How do the logistics work?

You can choose single sessions or series of three sessions (one session per week for three weeks). Single sessions are great for transforming smaller goals. The series of three is a potent experience for rapid transformation in many areas of your life, or we can work on one bigger goal. You'll remain in session and integrating and raising your vibration for the entire three weeks, even when we're not on a call together, and also for a few days to a week before and after the series.

Each private coaching sessions is 60 minutes with me via phone, audio-only Skype, or audio-only WhatsApp. 

You're welcome to contact me to schedule a 15 minute complimentary call so you can ask any question you have.

Integrity is very important to me. The complimentary call isn't a sales call or a mini coaching or healing session and scheduling one doesn't obligate you to buy anything. Scheduling sessions indicates that you have read and understand the terms and conditions and privacy policy

What People Are Saying!

Joslyn’s work goes very deep. I accessed and let go of memories and emotions I’d forgotten about long ago. I feel lighter and better.  ~Laurel, Hattiesburg, MS, USA

I have received energy work for years, and Joslyn is one of the few people I trust to work with. She has the highest vibration of anyone I know.  ~Sam, Hattiesburg, MS, USA

Body image and loving yourself are so important. Everyone should attend a workshop like this.  ~Alexa, Jackson, MS, USA

After my session, I was able to sign up for a class I wanted to take that will help me transition into my dream career. The class schedule worked with my schedule and I had  the money to pay for it. Everything fell into place.  ~Collette, Chicago, IL, USA

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Want to go even deeper?

I'll work with you privately or as part of a group to support you in nurturing an unconditionally loving relationship with your body, reveling in epic self love, empowerment, and bliss, and living the life you're here to live. We'll laugh, cry, have a lot of fun, and uncover the sacred rockstar goddess within. 

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